NÕBERU OF SWEDEN || by Heidenstrøm

Postet av Headquarter As den 2. Mai 2023


complete series of beauty products with effective ingredients that attracts all people and all senses. We sell more than just products, we create daily rituals for our customers so they can feel and look good.

The founder of Nõberu has a long career within hairdressing and barbering. This gives the company valuable knowledge about what customers actually want as well as what they are willing to use and pay for. The threshold to use beauty products for men is not as low as it is for women, we wish to change this and make sure all men takes care of their appearance using only Nõberu products.

We wish to be a reference point for a lifestyle which is attractive for all. This forces us to be clear and set the standard for our category. This means we need to, through our actions, pave the way forward for beauty products that appeals to men but, at the same time, does not exclude women.

To be a part of a lifestyle means we have a large following of satisfied customers who use the products as an integrated part of their daily lives, a part of their daily ritual which we actively help them to shape. A ritual that creates a good feeling that stays with you all day. That feeling is the foundation of ”the Nõberian lifestyle”.

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